project portfolio

career accomplishments

product manager At the University of California - California Digital Library managed and strategically directed products that aggregated and provided access to digital assets from more than 175 libraries, archives, and museums across the state of California. Providing University of California  faculty and students, researchers worldwide, and the general public with access to more than 200,000 digital images and over 20,000 guides to archival collections that document California’s rich history and its role in world history.
innovator  Managed a new program from inception to launch. Envisioned and then managed the creation, launch, and promotion of a new website, Calisphere, which opened up the University of California’s digital collections to a new audience of over 200,000 California K-12 teachers. Calisphere Year in Review
While at the California Digital Library, created and fostered strategic partnerships across the 10 University of California campuses, and externally;  worked with staff from all levels, from front line librarians to senior level administrators.  In order to ensure the success statewide of the K-12 portal, Calisphere,  created and fostered relationships with senior level management at California County Offices of Education and at the Department of Education.  Calisphere remains among the curriculum materials endorsed by the California Department of Education.
user research  Launched and managed the California Digital Library’s evaluation program.  Designed and conducted user research including focus groups sessions, interviews, usability testing, and online surveys that informed design decisions as well as defined future  directions.  For example, collaborated with staff from all 10 University of California  campuses to research faculty needs in order to build a unified digital collection for classroom instruction that provides access to over 1 million art and architecture images.
communications Managed internal and external communications that reached audiences across California and internationally. While at Electronic Information for Libraries (EIFL), wrote news stories for the organization’s website and facebook community that highlighted success stories and demonstrated the impact of programs.  See project portfolio.
marketing Managed re-branding marketing campaigns for existing services in order to update public interfaces and increase usage. In addition, directed all aspects of identity creation for a new website, Calisphere; including naming, logo and the creation of all outreach materials.  See project portfolio.
operations management  Managed the day-to-day operations of programs serving 10 University of California  campuses and organizations across California and for a global organization collaborating with over 60 developing and transition countries.  Improved processes such as streamlining a bi-monthly newsletter to significantly reduce production time, and creating documentation to aid staff during the transition to a new website publishing platform.
grants At the California Digital Library, led a grant writing effort that resulted in $446,000 in grant funds awarded from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Brought together nine partners from within and outside of the University of California system to collaborate on a project that will result in researchers gaining access for the first time to key archival materials in the field of California environmental history.  Learn more.